WoW Multiboxing



What’s the best multiboxing software for World of Warcraft?

shamanPeople often see people in WoW controlling multiple characters. If you are anything like me you wanted to know how they accomplished that. I spent hours searching the internet for software that would dualbox my two accounts I had but I was only ever to find two programs that I trusted.

I came across a program called Pwnboxer and the features of it blew me away. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and it taught me how to multibox on WoW. Pwnboxer is what I recommend to people looking to try out multiboxing or dualboxing. If you’re looking to have some fun with wow multiboxing or wow dualboxing then check out some of the information about pwnboxer below:

  • Pwnboxer was developed to help people control multiple characters at the same time.
  • It was created by Tim Sullivan who was a founding member of the famous
  • He sought out to develop software that was powerful, full of features and 100% legitimate.

What can Pwnboxer do?

The software works by broadcasting your keystroke you make from one game window to another. If you hit your ‘Up’ key in your primary window then it will automatically hit ‘Up’ in your other game windows.

The ability to send game commands to multiple windows is what gives you the ability to control more than one character at a time.

Is it safe to use?

Pwnboxer is completely legal to use. Blizzard has stated in the past that it is allowed under the Terms of Service.

Pwnboxer is also Mists of Pandaria compatible. Go kick some panda butt. Pwnboxer is updated quite often and they have been around since 2009! It’s one of the best ways to enjoy World of Warcraft multiboxing.

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